A Holy Odessy
This month over a century after it was lost a WW1 soldier’s Bible made it home to Germany.
The Bible was bought in to Museum 4 Watton by Mrs Joyce Harvey. Mrs Harvey’s father had bought the Bible back from the fields of northern France where it had been twice lost. He found the Bible at Cambrai but it’s owner had not been there so how it got there is a mystery. So what happened next… It was decided to try to send the Bible home but how… An inscription inside gave the name Alex Rahlbeck and his town of Schwerte. Chris discovered that Schwerte is twinned with Hastings so he approached their Twinning committee and arranged for them to hand back the Bible. Hastings Twinning chairman contacted the Mayor who found a surviving family member who was happy the Bible had been found and pleased to allow it to go on permanent display at the Ruhrtalmuseum in Schwerte. A presentation was arranged and the Bible will be on display as a symbol of peace.
Proof that teamwork makes the dream work.