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Watton is steeped in history. After all, it has been around for well over a thousand years. But who knows more than that? We think our history should be explored and recorded for future generations.

With this in mind, welcome to the Museum 4 Watton website, where you can explore our journey through Watton's history, donate items, share your knowledge, or even volunteer to help us discover the next set of hidden secrets Watton has buried.

About Us

Museum 4 Watton started with this; the publicity surrounding the discovery of an Inhumation which is thought to be Roman, on a building site on Norwich Road. Watton is steeped in history. After all, it has been around for well

Areas Covered

We’re not just interested in Watton! The surrounding villages are all part of Watton’s history. These are the areas covered by our project – all within 3 miles of the town:

Story So Far

Why a Museum for Watton? Many market towns in Norfolk have museums but, amazingly, Watton with over a thousand years of history didn’t and in 2014 plans were set in place by members of the community to rectify this! The

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If you think you've made a discovery while detecting or you have item you wish to donate then please get in touch!

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